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Here at I.A.P. we write what we call "Intentional Books".


Our authors and editors work together to ensure that your reader is always being given books of value. Whether they love art, music, science, history, or are learning skills such as empathy, patience, or communication, our store is the perfect place for stories to meet their need! 


I Wonder What You'll Be

Join Henrietta Lacks, Sacagawea, Amelia Earheart, and more in this colorful story about the many female pioneers who have shaped history. With vibrant pictures and easy-to-follow rhymes, your young reader will surely leave with a stronger understanding of where they come from and

what they too can accomplish. 


The Tale Of The Black Gang

Travel alongside naval passengers as they venture across the Atlantic Sea and be a part of their firsthand account of what it was like aboard one of the world's most famous ships, the Titanic. Standing at 882 ft high and weighing over 46,000 tons, discover what lay aboard each of her 9 floors and learn the role of all on board, including the most forgotten of all her heroes,

The Black Gang. 


The Giving Boat

Explore the power of words in this tender narrative about a young boy and a forgotten boat. Despite facing challenges in school, family and his daily life, see how, with a little bit of hope, and an open mind, he gains more than he ever expected. Each page offers young readers a new understanding of the words both thought and spoken and provides tidbits on how to craft their words carefully and creatively to change their life and the lives of others. 


The Perfect Gift

The world is full of so many wonderful things. Some shiny, some large, others small, but all beautiful in their own unique way. With so many things in this world to enjoy, which one would make the perfect gift? What item would best fit inside a box? Tag along on this melodic quest to find what makes a gift so perfect and discover why nothing on earth can compare to

how special it truly is. 

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