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Happy Reader

Life Changing Literature

Books are a gateway to a world filled with knowledge, understanding, creativity and growth. To us, literature is a powerful means of building confidence, developing empathy and can impart lifelong lessons for individuals of any age. Here at IAP we offer stories that introduce new ideas, stimulate imagination and keep you and your growth at the forefront. Join us as we write timeless pieces that can be enjoyed for generations to come! 

Intentional Readers Club

Our Reader's Club is I.A.P's special way of creating a long lasting community of intentional readers. By being a part of our readers club you can expect to not only receive exclusive activity books for you and your young reader but also:

  • Work books for vocabulary and emotional growth

  • Discounts on Customized I.A.P. Books

Cartoons in the Air

At I.A.P. we love to do all that we can to make each book something special for you and your loved one. Whether it be a personal name or a customized message, let us know what we can do to make your book truly yours! 

Reading Together

Reading Circles

We believe that a reading circle is an opportunity to enhance critical thinking and comprehension in adults and children alike. They serve as a means of creating connections, social interactions and allow for the exchange and understanding of varying viewpoints. Whether you are young or old, we invite you to join us as we read and discuss some of the world's most invigorating literature to date!

Reading in Tent

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Reading in Indoor Tent

Do the characters in your stories leave a mark on everyone who reads them ? Do your art pieces have a lasting impression on those who take a look? If you said yes, you may be "intentional" too! To learn more about our commitments or how to join our intentional authors and intentional artist team, click here!

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